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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

You didn’t read it here

There is a restaurant. It sits unnoticed on the most desirable street in Melbourne for up and coming restaurants. Celebrities, foodniks, news crews, television production companies, arts administrators, fashion forward … Continue reading

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Driven to distraction

Yes smoothmodernist has a hand-held communicator. Yes smoothmodernist uses the optical encyclopaedia, sends field telegrams, and enjoys listening to portable gramaphone recordings. And yes smoothmodernist is busy and must not … Continue reading

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The Iconoclast

smoothmodernist remembers Don Dunstan for more than just his aesthetic statements. smoothmodernist applauds that eminently sensible sartorialist for his blending of utility with panache and his visionary leadership as Premier … Continue reading

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Fixed Prix

Towards the end of the twentieth century, smoothmodernist was discussing with a retailer the building and marketing of a simple machine suited to Melbourne’s flat terrain. Unadorned single speed flat … Continue reading

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