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MIFF 2016 part nine

  Family Film As a child, I  was always jealous of kids whose parents let them look after themselves rather than be babysat. I was never allowed to go to … Continue reading

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MIFF 2016 part eight

Soy Nero Nero is a Mexican or an American. Being born in the U.S.  doesn’t automatically confer citizenship. Nero is trying to get to Los Angeles from Mexico to see … Continue reading

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MIFF 2016 part seven

As I open my Eyes A pretty, middle-class, high school girl sings in a band with her boyfriend. She sneaks out at night, goes to parties, drinks beer and has … Continue reading

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MIFF 2016 part six

  International Shorts 1 Animation Shorts Accelerator 2 Australian Shorts Shorts and documentaries are the reason I love film festivals. Features can be seen at the cinema, and if they … Continue reading

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MIFF 2016 part five

Here is another ad that I watched at least fifty times: ‘Keep it classy’. Now, you know anything that says: keep it classy is going to be the antithesis of … Continue reading

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MIFF 2016 part four

Grey Goose vodka is French Vodka. Don’t forget it. This ad starts with a spasm of fake symphonic jazz and a black-bobbed dominatrix in leather pants cracking a whip at … Continue reading

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MIFF 2016 part three

Born to be blue Chet Baker is a likeable and dedicated trumpet player. He is popular and successful.┬áHe is pretty, and sings like an off-key puppy. You just want to … Continue reading

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